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Skincare and Beauty

Feb 18 2020 | by by Paige Mareth - Director of Communications, The Woodhouse Spas, Corp.
Winter will soon fade to spring, but until it does, these skin care tips are extra important.

| Sunscreen |

Believe it or not, just because it isn’t sunny doesn’t mean you don’t have rays to worry about. UVs are out there and they’re damaging to our skin. Sunscreen is a no-brainer during the summer months, but try to make it a year-round habit. Check out SkinCeuticals’ SPF options, available in our retail room.

| Water |

Mar 18 2019 | by Beth Ohrt, COO, Woodhouse Spa Corporation

1. Identify your skin type. The most important aspect of beauty is your skin – think of it as a canvas that, when clean and healthy, is the foundation for your overall appearance. The first step in properly caring for your skin is to identify what type of skin you have. This will ensure that you’re purchasing the correct products for your needs. If you have flaky skin that tends to crack no matter what the season, you most likely veer towards dry skin. Your products will include special moisturizers and gentle ingredients to lock in natural oils.

Jan 7 2019 | by Alan Reuter, owner of The Woodhouse Day Spa - Dublin, OH
There seem to be two main skincare concerns as we enter our 40’s and beyond… wrinkles and sagging skin. 

The four main reasons why wrinkles and sagging occur:

1.  Sun damage to the outer layer of skin (epidermis and dermis).

2.  Loss of soft tissue fullness and other structural support UNDER the skin.

3.  Repetitive facial movements such as frowning, smiling, smoking, laughing and even drinking through a straw.

4.  Poor general health habits, such as improper nutrition, smoking and limited exercise.

Dec 3 2018 | by Katie Barker, Esthetician - The Woodhouse Day Spa - Nashville

One of the most common questions asked of an esthetician is, what does a facial do for me? Simple answer, plenty.

We all have professionals that we trust; our hairstylist, our mechanic, our handyman. We trust that as professionals, they have done the research and have the knowledge and experience to deliver a higher quality of service than we could do ourselves. Sure you can cut your own hair and fix your own engine-but would you?

Aug 16 2016 | by Voya Skincare

Rid your moisturising rituals of bad habits. VOYA presents your ‘need to know’ morning and night moisturising routines.

Morning Ritual

We all know that time is precious in the morning and you might be in the habit of trying to get as much done the night before as possible, just to get an extra 15 minutes in bed. Take our word for it when we say moisturising is well worth the few minutes it takes out of your morning.

Jul 26 2013 | by


Keeping your skin looking healthy and youthful can sometimes be a challenge. There are several products on the market today that suggest they do away with wrinkles and fine lines, but is there an easier way to keep your skin looking brand new?

How about the ABC’s of skincare? Yes, believe it or not taking daily vitamins can be the secret you’ve been looking for all along!

Mar 28 2013 | by


Few things are more refreshing than your sweet and supple skin during the spring months.  The snow is long gone and the sun has finally made its grand entrance.  During your hardcore spring cleaning session, do you remember to clean out your makeup bag too? Often times we’re guilty of using makeup that is expired, which isn’t good for our skin.  Try throwing out old and unused makeup and start new for spring.

Here are some spring makeup trends for 2013!

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