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Skincare Alphabet

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Keeping your skin looking healthy and youthful can sometimes be a challenge. There are several products on the market today that suggest they do away with wrinkles and fine lines, but is there an easier way to keep your skin looking brand new?

How about the ABC’s of skincare? Yes, believe it or not taking daily vitamins can be the secret you’ve been looking for all along!

  • Vitamin A: Products with Vitamin A (also known as retinoids) are proven to help reduce wrinkles and brown spots. Apply a retinoid before bedtime is more effective than during the day due to a counteraction to the sunlight.   Sunlight will inactive more of the Vitamin A found in the retinoid.
  • Vitamin B3: If you’re prone to dry skin try using a daily dose of Vitamin B3.  This particular vitamin boosts hydration and reduces redness of the skin. Vitamin B3 can be found in several lotions and creams, usually under the label name of ‘Niacinaminde.’  A suggested daily dose of Vitamin B3 consists of applying lotion both in the morning and evening.
  • Vitamin C: The wonder vitamin! Vitamin C helps to take care of the free radicals causing sagging and wrinkling due to aging. This vitamin is also found in several lotions/moisturizers. If you apply Vitamin C with your daily sunscreen you will also be shielded from outdoor UV-rays. This will help to decrease the amount of skin wrinkles as well.