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Four Ways To Find Inner Happiness

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We all know there are times when the feeling of happiness doesn’t come easy.  Stress from work, a messy house, a reckless dog perhaps? Yes, we all go through these less than happy slumps, but what do you do to help turn that frown upside down?

In order to start you summer season off with the utmost happiness, here are three tips to help bring out a smile!

·      Make a music playlist: Music can be the ultimate healer! Create a music playlist full of upbeat tunes and dance your heart out! Not only will you be burning calories, but it’s a known fact that fast paced music can help lift your mood. Take a cue from the famous quote,

Dance like nobody’s watching, Love like you’ve never been hurt, Sing like nobody’s listening, Live like it’s heaven on Earth.”

·      Read a good bedtime story: If you want to escape the everyday life, why not hop into a good read? If you are not someone who likes to read, you can even try settling down to an audio book!  Reading inspiring autobiographies, spiritual texts, self-improvement books, poems, great literature or even children’s stories opens your mind to think in new ways, see new things, expand your awareness and feel inspired.  Take some quiet time to yourself while expanding your mind!

·      Learn something new: Pick up a new hobby to help increase your mood. The list of activities are endless! Pick up a sport or dance class to increase your mood and your health, or take a pottery or cooking class to bring out your creativity. Surround yourself with interesting people and activities and your mood will change in no time!

·      Of course the last way to help induce those happy feelings are with a trip to The Woodhouse.  Few things are more relaxing than choosing one of the several special treatments the spa has to offer. Take a day to yourself for some pampering to help induce those happy feelings!


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