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The Real Benefits of Drinking Water

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“Drink eight 8oz. glasses of water a day!” Sure, we’ve all heard this statement before, but what are the actual benefits of drinking 64oz. of water on the regular?  Several benefits, actually!  Drinking water like a desert camel does have some pretty excellent benefits besides the mere hydration factor.

  • Believe it or not water is the only safe way to remove the by-products of fat in your body.  Drinking enough water throughout the day helps regulate your appetite with the benefits of no calories. It is said that the more water you consume, the less water you retain.
  • Drinking water helps benefit in the aging process. It helps moisturize your skin and helps it to maintain elasticity. Skip purchasing the products that supposedly provide your skin with a healthy glow too, drinking water helps your body contain a natural glow.
  • Water also helps to cut back on the effects of certain skin disorders. Keeping yourself hydrated helps with eczema, wrinkles, age spots and psoriasis.
  • Water helps removes toxins and other products of waste from our bodies.  A lack of water in the body also makes it more difficult for your heart to pump fresh oxygen to your organs.
  • A study conducted in the Loma Linda university in California, involving 20 men and woman in the age range of 38 to 100 years, concluded that those who drank enough water throughout the day were less likely to have a heart attack (41% in women and 54% in men). Hence, it can be suggested that if you substitute water with milk, tea, coffee or other beverages then you will have increased chances of incurring a heart attack, with a precise rate of 50% in women and 46% in men.
  • Research suggests that drinking enough water is likely to reduce the risks of bladder and colon cancer. This is because water has the ability to dilute the concentration of cancer-causing agents in the urine and reduce the time they take to come in contact with the bladder lining.

These are only a few benefits to drinking enough water, here are a couple of websites that go deeper into the medical benefits to water consumption.

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