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Spring Makeup Tips

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Few things are more refreshing than your sweet and supple skin during the spring months.  The snow is long gone and the sun has finally made its grand entrance.  During your hardcore spring cleaning session, do you remember to clean out your makeup bag too? Often times we’re guilty of using makeup that is expired, which isn’t good for our skin.  Try throwing out old and unused makeup and start new for spring.

Here are some spring makeup trends for 2013!

  • BB Creams: Have you seen BB creams make their way throughout the market yet? The word on the street is that they’re here to stay! This beauty balm option is perfect for several skin types and tones.
  • No Mascara: Makeup artists this season are trying their best to go more natural and go without mascara. If you’re afraid to go completely without, look for a mascara that tends to define and separate, not plump and thicken. Looking more natural is easy and less time consuming. Bonus!
  • Green: Dark green color tones are definitely a staple this season.  It is said that emerald green is sexy without being too played out.  It also looks great on all skin tones.  Try to add a little green into your daily look.
  • Fruit Punch Lips: Bright colored and matte lips are all the rage for 2013. Try a bright shade of matte lipstick to celebrate spring.
  • Nude Polish: While your lips may be bright pink, your nails should be nude. Nude polish that is, you don't have to forget the polish all together.  This color is not only classy, but you can play it up to be fun too!

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to try new things this season. Be bold with your colors and patterns but be free with your eyes and your nails! Enjoy!