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Pregnancy Spa Safety

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For expectant mothers it doesn't matter which trimester you're in a day at the spa always sounds delightful. But before you call in to make an appointment, read up on some simple health guidelines to ensure you're receiving the most relaxing, but safest visit for you and your baby. 


  • Essential Oils: Much like hair dye, the use of some essential oils can prove to be harmful to your unborn baby. Oils such as rosewood or lemon are believed to be safe to use during your spa visit.  Your spa therapist will be more than helpful when choosing which oils are perfect and safe for you.
  • Heat: Treatments such as saunas, body wraps and steams are important to avoid during pregnancy.  Much like the dangers of a fever in the first trimester, if a mother's body heat is too high the baby also will overheat.  Those working at the spa will more than likely suggest you choose another form of relaxation instead of any form of heat treatment.
  • Incline: If you're at least four months pregnant you should no longer be receiving massage treatment while lying on your back.  This can cause a drop in your blood pressure, as well significantly decrease the blood flow to your unborn baby. If you find yourself in this situation, your massage therapist should have special beds or pillows to help ensure your adequate blood flow. 
  • Sensitivity: When receiving a facial it's important to remember that during pregnancy your skin tends to be more sensitive. You should try to avoid glycolic acid or other ingredients during a facial that may cause skin sensitivity and irritation. 


Don't hesitate to discuss your concerns with your spa therapist.  It is a top priority that you receive the healthiest and safest spa treatment during your stay. You deserve it!


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