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Surprise Your Valentine With A Facial!

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The holiday season has come to an end and now Valentine's Day is just around the corner! This year, instead of your husband bringing you home the token bouquet of flowers and chocolates, how about dropping the hint that you'd love a facial? The benefits of a facial are hardly just skin deep. A trip to The Woodhouse Day Spa for a facial not only makes your skin glow, but it's also a great way to reduce stress and pamper yourself. 


Is your husband still not convinced? 


The Benefits of a Facial:

  • It helps remove the elements from the air that remain deep in your pores.  Surprisingly, this still occurs even after regular washing with soap and water.
  • It helps remove dead skin cells. Unfortunately, dead skin cells clog your pores, thus hiding your skins natural glow. A proper exfoliator will help to deeply cleanse your face, we suggest a Microdermabrasion.
  • They help to fill and cover fine lines and wrinkles that have a tendency to make you look older than your true age. A facial rich in Omega 3's can help saggy spots on your skin appear lifted and radiant. After your first session you will notice that previous sun damage has faded and you skin looks young and supple. 


If this doesn't help convince your hubby, you can always suggest a facial for him as well. Facials can be an enjoyable couple’s experience. While he may not think he needs one, everyone has different skin types and skin issues; the facial is beneficial to anyone with any type of skin. The professional performing the facial spa treatment will be the best at assessing which type of facial and products would be best for your skin. Remember, taking care of your skin helps to fend off all of the elements you are exposed to on a daily basis. Facials have also been known to maintain and promote a healthy immune system.


At The Woodhouse Day Spa, we offer several types of facials for both you and your Valentine! We offer:

  • Signature Minkyti Facial
  • Rejuvenating Microdermabrasion Facial
  • Advanced Anti-Aging Facial
  • Brightening Facial
  • Claryifying Acne Facial
  • Classic Facial
  • Gentleman's Hot Towel Facial
  • Facial Enhancements
    • Vitamin C Booster
    • Enzyme Power Peel 
    • Glycolic Power Peel
    • Microdermabrasion
    • Eye Contour Treatment
    • Purifying Back Treatment
    • Quick Lift
    • Wow Brow Eye Treatment
    • Paraffin Treatment

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