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Apr 24 2019 | by Paige Mareth, Woodhouse Director of Communications

Mom does so much for us, it’s like she has super powers. If you’re a mom, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Planning the week’s meals, the never-ending laundry and oh my goodness why did we commit to all of these activities? Kids, husbands, grandkids and more are a lot to take care of, and they do it so well! We can’t pay her back, but we can show her we appreciate her! A tangible gift is a great place to start, but sometimes Mom would rather just spend time with us. Here are a few ways we can do just that.

Apr 17 2019 | by Paige Mareth, Woodhouse Director of Communications
What better way to kick off the Mother’s Day season than to reflect on some of our favorite things Mom has said? And yes, we said season, as in still not as much time to celebrate Mom as she deserves.
“You’ll understand when you have kids of your own.”
Maybe you have yet to experience the truth of this statement, but all the now-moms are reading this and shaking their heads in agreement. All those years of “you’ll understand” have finally come to fruition, and we’re all repeating it to our kids just as Mom did to us.
Apr 29 2018 | by Anonymous

1. Take time for quiet daily. Yes, there is much that needs to get done. Once you maintain a habit of being quiet either to contemplate, pray, or meditate, you will be amazed how much more efficiently you will perform your tasks, duties and projects.

2. Treat yourself with as much care, if not more, than you treat others. Once you master caring for yourself, caring for others will become effortless and spring from the heart, instead of from duty.

Jul 4 2017 | by Lynda Torrey, D.Ay., MTI, RMT, LE

Last night I had the privilege of being in community with 200+ veterans and their spouses at a Dining Out event and was deeply touched by the guest speaker who was a veteran himself as well as the father of a son who served.  I, like the majority of Americans, have never been caught in a crossfire of any kind thanks to those who do fight for our country. His message was quite simple.  Although there is the promise of two paychecks a month plus some benefits, it is a true act of patriotism to take the oath.  A heart-felt thank you to those who have served and are currently serving.

Jun 26 2013 | by

Sometimes it can be difficult to prepare for a spa treatment.  Not only difficult to prepare physically, but also mentally. Here are a few ways to prepare for a stressless spa visit:

·      Prior to your appointment make sure you’re prepared to provide your credit card information in order to reserve your spa session.

·      Arrive 15 minutes prior to your treatment in order to fill out the necessary paperwork.

·      Please let the spa know of any medications or food allergies you have.  This will help avoid any unnecessary allergic reactions to our products.

May 31 2013 | by


We all know there are times when the feeling of happiness doesn’t come easy.  Stress from work, a messy house, a reckless dog perhaps? Yes, we all go through these less than happy slumps, but what do you do to help turn that frown upside down?

In order to start you summer season off with the utmost happiness, here are three tips to help bring out a smile!

May 10 2013 | by

Mother’s Day is this weekend and it is sometimes difficult to find the perfect gift for the woman that deserves so much.  If you’re looking for a few perfect and cost friendly ideas for Mother’s Day, look no further!

Make a Mother’s Day Meal

Is your mom an incredible cook? If so, why not plan on giving her the night off by making her dinner? Try cooking her a thoughtful lunch or dinner to celebrate this special holiday. It's a cost friendly and thoughtful gift that any meal-preparing mother will appreciate.

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